Video: How to use the Anova App

This quick video will show you how to: 1. Start a cook from a recipe (0:06), 2. Save recipes to your favorites (1:49), 3. Use the Serious Eats Guide (2:26), and 4. Manually set the time and temp through the app (3:47)

How to Use the Anova App from Anova Culinary on Vimeo.

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    Nancy_Tom Schoenfeld

    Finally, this provides some critical information about how to get the timer going when you start cooking from a recipe or the guide. It comes at the very end of the video (~5:00), when covering manual entries for temp and time. This is broadly relevant because it doesn't matter whether the time is entered automatically, after selecting a recipe, or manually. The key point is that, when alerted with "temp reached", that the water is ready to start cooking, you should NOT click "OK" until actually putting the food in the pot. That is because clicking "OK" starts the timer. This is NOT mentioned in the user manual, nor is there any immediate feedback on the display or in the phone app that the timer has actually been started. That is because the time you have set does not change until 1 minute has elapsed. May I suggest a simple fix? Namely, change the alert "OK" button to read instead "Click to start timing" or something to that effect. A more advanced fix would be to make something flash at 1 sec intervals on the unit and app displays to indicate that the timer is going. It might also be useful to keep the original time interval posted on the display, to serve as a reference for the time remaining displayed.

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    Hunter Conrad

    Hey Nancy! Thank you so much for the feedback, we will pass it on to the app team. We're glad this video could help :) Let us know if you have any other questions!

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    Andy Scott

    The app consistently loses timers when you leave the app.

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    Hunter Conrad

    Hi Andy,
    So sorry about that, for any app related feedback please email and we will do our best to fix any issues!

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    Scott Preston

    Can you fix the PIN issue?

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