I have build up on my device, how do I clean it?

Why is there build up on the probe?

Mineral build up is very normal, especially if you have been using your precision cooker for a while. So don't worry, you can easily clean it! 

This is a normal build up of mineral deposits mostly from tap water, i.e. copper from the piping, iron in the water, etc. Build up can be brown, black or even green depending on your water pipes and water source (if you drill your own well or use a water utility). 

How to remove the build up:

Build up can be cleaned away using a heavy-duty cleaner like ZEP Calcium Lime Rust Remover/ Lime Away/ or Vinegar

We recommend you use a soft toothbrush or rag to apply ZEP and Lime-Away. Also for instructions on how to disassemble/reassemble your cooker, click HERE

*Remember to never get the head of your device wet when cleaning!

1) ZEP Calcium Lime Rust Remover - commercial grade lime remover is a concentrate and is also the least expensive (by weight). However, please be aware this product is very strong and gloves are recommended when handling this material.
2) Lime-Away - this is a home grade lime remover, while not as strong as ZEP, it is carried by most grocery stores.
3) Vinegar - You can use this without taking apart your cooker, which can often times be easier. Check out more on vinegar cleaning HERE


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