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Nano FAQ Support Article


When will the Nano be shipped?

The Nano will be shipped in batches - you’ll see the ship times at the order and checkout page.

  • Estimated US ship date: November 2017
  • Estimated EU ship date: December 2017
  • Estimated International ship date: January 2018


When will the charges for my purchase be applied to my account?

You will be charged for your pre-order at the time of purchase.


I am an international customer - where can I purchase the Nano?

Shop at our online store!


Does the Nano support WI-FI?

The Nano is Bluetooth-enabled and can be controlled through the app; however, it does not support WI-FI connectivity.


Is the Nano water resistant?

The Nano is fully water resistant to a IP67 meaning the Nano can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes without damaging the device.


How do I clean the Nano?

The Nano is fully water resistant and can be wiped clean with a wet cloth. Additionally, the removable cap allows customers to clean with a wire brush. Running the device with a vinegar solution will also allow for easy cleaning.


What does the speaker on the Nano do?

The speaker on the Nano will give customers a good quality form of feedback and notifications similar to a cell phone. The Nano is the only sous vide device that has a water resistant Milar speaker!


What’s the difference in terms of power between the Nano and the other Anova Precision Cookers? The Nano is a smaller unit with slightly reduced heating capacity. The Nano is 700W, current Bluetooth APC is 800W, current WI-FI APC is 900W. Additionally, the Nano is meant to feed up to 4 people, the current Bluetooth model up to 8 people, and the WI-FI up to 12 people.

Do you have a comparison chart between the existing Anova Precision Cookers and the Nano?



  Anova Nano

Anova Bluetooth

Anova WI-FI


Bluetooth 4.2

Bluetooth 4.0

WI-FI + Bluetooth 4.0

App Support




Serving Size

4 people

8 people

12 people


700 Watts

800 Watts

900 Watts

MultiCook + MultiStep Support




Alexa + Google Home Integration








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    Rick Gottlieb

    Please make the pot clamp removable so I can use with custom container. I am buying this as second sous vide device and would like the same functionality. Also please make the app able to show both my 900w and nano at the same time. My $.02

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