How do I connect my Anova Precision Cooker to my Google Home?


We are happy to announce that you can now connect your Google Home to your Anova device! Just follow these easy steps to connect your devices so that you can effortlessly start a cook with the simple command of your voice.

*Please note that Google Home can only be linked with the Anova Precision Cooker Wifi*

To get started, make sure to:

1) Download Anova App

2) Download Google Home App (from either App Store or Google Play Store)

3) Set up account in the Anova App

4) Set up account in the Google Home App

To link your Google Home to your Anova, just follow these easy steps below:

Step 1: Open your Google Home App.



Step 2: After you open the app, give the Google Home a voice command. Say “Ok Google, open Anova.”

Step 3: The Google Home App will automatically pop open to “Related to your activity” under the “Discover” tab.


Step 4: Scroll to the right until you see the tab “Link to Anova”.  Tap on “Link”



Step 5: After tapping on “Link” you will be prompted to sign into your Anova App. Sign into your Anova account


Step 6: After you have signed into your account Anova app and Google Home has given you a confirmation, your devices are now linked. You can start giving your Google Home commands to start cooking.

Google Home voice commands for the Anova, Say:  

  • “Start my cooker”
  • “Set my cooker to 145F” (temperature can vary)
  • “Check on my cook”
  • “Set timer for 50 minutes” (time can vary)
  • “Stop cooking”
  • “Silence Alarm”
  • “Increase/ Decrease temperature by 2 degrees” (amount can vary)
  • “How long have we been cooking for?”
  • “Add time/ Subtract time”
  • “What is the current temperature?”

If you need additional help, you can simply say to your Google Home “Open Anova” and then listen to the suggested commands or say “Ok Google help”.


If you are still unable to connect, you can always contact us at! 

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    Sean Fee

    Can this be updated to reflect how one links accounts on the new Android Google Home app (ver.1.26+)? "OK Google, open Anova" and the Discover tab no longer works the way described above.

  • Avatar
    Sean Mitchell

    ... or even just put the info here? Annoyed.

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