What additional equipment do I need for my first cook?

What You Will Need for Your First Cook: The Basics

1. Resealable Food Grade Plastic/Silicone Bags
You don't need to get fancy or spend too much money buying anything for your first-time Precision Cooking. Resealable food grade plastic bags work great as they are ridiculously easy to find, can take the heat, and relatively cheap. You can also explore many other options including silicone reusable bags, glass if you are making something like creme brûlée, or vacuum sealed bags if you don't mind spending a little more.

2. Some Kind of Container

In order to cook your food to that perfect temperature and doneness, you will need some kind of container to put the water in. A lot of people use stock pots 85 and/or Cambro 360 food grade plastic containers.But you can use just any pot you have in your kitchen. The options practically limitless and the #anovafoodnerd family is infamous for being creative so we recommend you check out this post on our community page for some inspiration.  




3. A Clip!

We recommend having a simple clip (use binder clips, chip clips, hair clips, money clips) in order to attach your bag to your pot, container etc. Really anything that might be laying around your house (like this clip dog, pretty cool right?)

If you don't have a clip at your house, don't worry, you don't need a clip, just make sure whichever bag you use is sealed well!


We know you like food as much as we do. The time has come! Grab a steak, chicken, or asparagus, and start cookin'!



For more information on getting started and Sous Vide cooking check out our community page HERE  

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