My Temperature Read is not Matching My Thermometer

Cover your tank with foil and wait about 15 minutes for temperature equilibration – the number one source of temperature read differences is an uncovered tank due to evaporation and temperature instability.

Please keep in mind Anova immersion circulators are calibrated to a scientific platinum primary standard which is far more accurate than consumer-grade thermometers.

If you want your system to match your personal thermometer:
Use the calibration function to adjust the display offset of the read to match your thermometer. 

This can be achieved by turning the device fully off. Start tapping the top-right corner of the Anova One screen when you turn the device back on and you will be taken to a calibration menu. From there you can choose the offset amounts.

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    I have two of your circulators, they read a 4.5F difference at opposite ends of a covered tank. How can I determine which one - or both - is wrong?

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