Low Water Level Alarm Turns on and Does Not Turn Off

Add more water - there are two low water sensors and both have to be immersed in water for operation.

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  • Avatar
    stacey bradshaw

    This does not work, we have plenty of water.

  • Avatar
    Joshua Correa
    Does not work
  • Avatar
    Jeff Purcell
    Same, doesnt work anymore
  • Avatar
    Michael Morales

    Just got mine today and it's doing the same thing. Alarm sounds every 30 minutes. Water is to the max, I unplugged the unit, still doing the same thing!

  • Avatar
    Kevin Long

    Same here. Will this company survive with this kind off issue. Too many people have this issue. We are not alone.

  • Avatar
    Barry Hall

    Ive got this problem, do I need to return the unit ?

  • Avatar
    Paul Henke

    Doesn't work Anova! Recall??.

  • Avatar
    Richard Walker

    Same issue. Water level at max, Anova just beeps. Disappointing start to Xmas, have a ton of nice steaks to cook today.

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