The Low Water Level Alarm Turns on After a Few Seconds of Operation

Add more water - The pump generates "waves" - sometimes these waves will cause the water level at the sensors to fluctuate up and down. The waves sometimes drop the water level right under the sensor and will cause a low water alarm. This is normal and you just need to add more water.

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    not helpful. Water level at top. Need to know what to do when PLENTY OF WATER.
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    Thomas Sargent

    This is a serious problem that keeps happening. I've returned two units because of this and am now about to send back a third.

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    Mark Maza Radhe

    Honestly I'm not sure why you ruined a perfectly good product by over complicating it with the wifi crap. I've bought dozens over the last couple years and these are the worst of the bunch. No more than one device can be active in the kitchen, and attached to the wifi which frequently disconnects for no known reason, and shuts itself off claiming there is low water, which isn't the case. Can I manually override the timer from the unit itself? I have six stations and getting very concerned about leaving my 72 hours products on machines that will click off randomly.

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    Paul Henke

    Having the same problem in the middle of a 24Hr pot roast.

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    Stephen Vineyard

    This sucks, it keeps saying add more water. I'm at the highest water level how can I fix this?

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    Eddie Hsu

    Having same problem here, keep showing low water alert at highest water level. I receive the machine at 2017/8/23, and it is dead now

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    Richard Walker

    Got the wifi model as a Christmas present and it won’t even start. Just beeps and the app tells me the water level is low, but it’s at max.

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