How do I start the timer on the Precision Cooker?

The timer on the Precision Cooker may be activated and set by following the steps below. You'll have to do a bit of manual timing to get to the device timing, but after ~15 seconds of counting and pressing buttons, you'll be able to relax and let the Precision Cooker do the rest of the timing.

  1. Hold the "play" button down for 8 seconds. During that time the display will change from C to F after 3 seconds - but keep holding it! - then the timer button will light up after the 8 seconds
  2. Hold the "timer" button down for 3 seconds
  3. Use the scroll wheel to set the time
  4. Press the "timer" button to begin the countdown
  5. Hold the "play" button for 3 seconds to get it to switch back to C (or F, if that's where you began)
  6. When the timer disappears, don't worry - you don't have to go back to step one. The time of the timer will show in the 'set' field (numbers below the current temp) and will alternate between set temperature and time remaining.

If you're still having issues, check out our video on setting the timer here:

How do I set the timer on my Anova Precision Cooker? from Anova Culinary on Vimeo.

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    Nancy_Tom Schoenfeld

    This is very helpful, but should be included in the User Manual, too.

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    Nancy Dekker

    That is the same video I have been watching , However it does not show me how to then go back and set the temp. When I think we got it ( I will follow your instructions) the unit works for about three seconds then shuts itself down! As I said I will go back to try your directions to see if it works.
    Thank you and hopefully you won't hear from me again!!

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    How do you set the timer from the app? The app has a suggested time of 36 hrs for a chuck roast but I only want 32 hrs, how do I change that?

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    Daniel Nilsson

    Hi, great to know this.
    Why not change so timer is at 3 seconds and Unit at 8 second. Then you don’t need to change it back to your unit after you set the timer manually

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