Adjustable Clamp

With the adjustable clamp, you can set your Precision Cooker at any height, allowing you the freedom to forget about the minimum water level and use your Precision Cooker in any pot you have.

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    Kristen Fonseca McKelvey
    I've had the anova for about 2 1/2 weeks now and have used it very carefully. I love the results but the adjustable clamp broke. I hand wash it every time. It cracked around the circular part that holds the device.
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    Travis Jackson
    I too have had the ANOVA for a few weeks, using it twice and the clamp is broken where it surrounds the cooker. I trust ANOVA will take care of this problem, if not I am certain Amazon will.
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    Roy Shinje Lee

    My clamp also broke under careful using. Is anyone could help with?

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    Jean Flynn Wyant

    Same problem! I've never put it in the dishwasher, just a quick rinse with water.

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    Adam Pruckner

    Ive had the same problem. Did anova replace the clamp?

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    Hidehito Takagi

    I also had same trouble. I hope to buy another clamp.

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    Bill Brendle

    In just a few months of occasional and very careful use, the clamp basically just fell apart. Please help Anova!

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    James Gaston

    Add me to the list as well. Cheap plastic clamp cracked after less than three weeks of light use. This is very clearly a design flaw: the part needs to made of a less brittle plastic or of metal. There are not even replacement parts for sale, so I am left with a duct tape version that looks like it should be warming a can of beans.

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    Gordon R Reece

    I'm glad to see these comments as well. I've been very careful with mine as well and the clamp has split. I honestly couldn't believe it. The device itself is really well made and reliable. The clamp just isn't holding up to regular use.

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    Aaron Sinai Katz

    I wonder. I have the same problem as mentioned in above comments. How come this clamp issue was not resolved yet. It must be quite costly handling this kind of problem not to mention your reputation. regards Aaron

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    Grant Buchanan

    I am having the same problem. One side broje and then the other. Any options from ANOVA? I can't even find a replacement part

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    Hunter Conrad

    Hey all! Just wanted to give un update. We will send you a new clamp for free, all you have to do is email and we will get you all set up :)

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    I too had a broken clamp - the plastic threads just falling apart. Delighted to advise that, after raising the issue with Anova Support, a replacement clamp was delivered within 3 days - for free. Fantastic. Thanks Anova Support, specifically Jona

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