How do I manually set time, temperature, and change temperature scale on my Anova Precision® Cooker?

The Anova app is the best way to help you cook like a pro, but there are features built into the cooker itself to operate it completely app free!


  1. Use the scroll wheel to cycle up and down through temperatures.
  2. Once you've landed on the desired temp, press the play button to start your cooker.


  1. Hold down the play button for 3 seconds - the temperature will then switch from F to C (or vice versa).
  2. Release the play button to leave the desired temperature scale.
  3. Repeat the process again to switch from C to F (or vice versa).


  1. Hold down the play button for 8 seconds. During that time the display will change from C to F (or vice versa) after 3 seconds (keep holding!) and the timer button will light up after another 5 seconds.
  2. Hold the timer button down for 3 seconds.
  3. Use the scroll wheel to set the time (in 5 minute increments).
  4. Press the timer button again to begin the countdown.
  5. Hold the play button for 3 seconds to get it to switch back to C (or F, if that's where you began) and release
  6. Press the play button once more to start your cook.
  7. The display will alternate between your set temperature and the timer.

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  • Avatar
    Kelsey Howard

    How do you adjust the timer on the Anova WIFI without the app, mine never lets me adjust?

    Thank you kindly!

  • Avatar
    Karsten Tanggaard

    I have the same question: How do you manually set the cooking time on the device (without the app)?

  • Avatar
    S Luk

    I have the same question. How can I set the time manually on the device without the App?
    Other customers has left the same question for over a month, does ANOVA even read customers' comment?

  • Avatar
    Heiner Wendling

    I have the same question as these other customers. Does ANOVA still live?

  • Avatar
    Steven Klein

    I have the same question, too. Six weeks since this question was first posted, with no answer.

    Potential customers might be nervous about after-sale support if they happen to new this page before buying.

  • Avatar
    Larry Young

    Same question as everyone above. Please answer how to set time and temperature without the App?

  • Avatar
    Archibald MacLeish

    ... and I have the same question, and I might add that the company seems to choose to specialize in vague instructions for this item. Is there some reason that a complete user's manual is not available, even online?

  • Avatar
    Stéphane Lavergne

    It would be useful if this actually mentioned HOW these controls work. I found it in a YouTube video... A concise manual with all the details in a SINGLE place would help users tremendously.

  • Avatar
    Wim Prange

    This is so annoying! How!

  • Avatar
    Jean-Louis Renaud

    I have the same question and hope for an answer too!

  • Avatar
    Jocelyn Damian

    To display Timer function:
    -Press and hold play/Start for 8 seconds -
    -Press and hold the timer icon for 3 seconds to set time via the scroll wheel.
    -Pressing start or the timer icon again will start the timer countdown

    It may help if you watch this video on how to set the timer on the device:

    Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Antonio Comia

    If you read the above and watch the videos, the answers are all there.

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