How do I start a manual cook in the app?

You have looked through all the recipes, but you want to cook something else, or want to try out a different time or temp combo. No worries, take a quick look at this video for how to manually set the time and temp in the app, so you can cook what ever your heart desires. 

*Note: To go directly to how to start a manual cook in the app skip ahead to minute 3:47. This video also show you how to: 1. Start a cook from a recipe (0:06), 2. Save recipes to your favorites (1:49), 3. Use the Serious Eats Guide (2:26) if you want some more tips. 

How to Use the Anova App from Anova Culinary on Vimeo.

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    I set the temp and time it bring the water to temp then pauses. Once I add the item to be cooked what buttons do I need to push?

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    Craig Hanna

    My app does not show a temp or time icon on the bottom. It only shows (from left to right) Guide, Recipe, More

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