My device is giving wildly inaccurate temperature readings (-66°C, 439°F, etc)

If your device is giving temperature readings that are very far away from normal amounts, one reason could be that steam has gotten into the head of your unit. In order to fix this, unplug your unit and put it in a bag of rice for 24 hours to absorb the extra moisture. Take it out and plug it back into the wall, if you are still getting inaccurate temperature readings this means that your device may have to be replaced. 

Please contact our support team via the sidebar if this is the case. 

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    yuuichi sugama

    I tried what you told me to do, but did not work.

    Here is my order number:2354840
    Please let me know what's the next step.

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    It would be far better to offer some advice about how to avoid this problem, rather than how to fix it, MAYBE, for TOMORROW, when I'm cooking TODAY!
    This is extremely frustrating and unhelpful. I'm trying to sous vide at 203 degrees for one hour. My device is showing that it's at MINUS 17 degrees. And yes, there's moisture on the head of the device - but the device surely is designed to withstand that - after all, it's ONLY JOB is to stand in a bath of hot freakin' water!!!
    I'm very, very disappointed in Anova. Until now, this was a device I could - and did - recommend to others. But as of now, I'm going back and warning people to keep shopping. This is absurd and has wrecked a Mother's Day weekend.

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    P.S. - if you want it back, you can have it. I'll be looking for a replacement on Monday. (This is something that purchasers should be warned of ... that the device is not made to be in proximity to HOT WATER. Incredible.)

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