How do I calibrate my device with the app?

*Please note, the only time you will need to calibrate your device is if you notice that your device is reading a temperature that is different from an external thermometer. 

Step 1: Open the Anova app on your phone. Then, on the bottom right-hand corner tap “more".



Step 2: After tapping “more”, scroll down until you see the category “Other”. Under the "Other" category you will see the "Calibrate Offset" option. Tap "Calibrate Offset".


Step 3: When you tap "Calibrate Offset", the warning shown below will pop up. Tap “OK” unless you are unfamiliar with this feature, in which case you can call us at 1(855) 421-8282 or send an email to 


Step 4: After tapping "OK" you can calibrate your device by scrolling up or down to offset the temperature difference.  For example, if you want to offset the difference between the reading of 98℉ (37℃) on your device and 91℉ (32℃) temperature read on your thermometer, you will scroll up until you see -7.0 (this is the difference between the temperature read on your device and thermometer). Once you have found the right number simply press save and the temperature will automatically update.


Yay! You're done, your device should now read the correct temperature!

If you are still having trouble setting the calibration or your device is still showing a different temperature, please contact support by phone at 1(855) 421-8282 or by email at

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  • Avatar
    Bob Weber
    Calibrate offset function is greyed out on the Android wifi app, and you cannot make any adjustments
  • Avatar
    Bruce Mansfield

    My Anova precision is off by 2ºF, but the calibrate offset function was removed when the app was upgraded in April. What is the current method of adjusting the offset value?

  • Avatar
    Sam Schorr

    Just bought the device and the. Function is still. Greyed out. Why aren't you answering Anova?

  • Avatar
    Aleks Tudzarovski

    The selection is indeed greyed out so it's not possible to do any calibration, unfortunately.....

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Ann

    Has this been fixed yet? I still cannot calibrate...

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