Crushing your first cook.

Congratulations, you've got your Nano connected to the Anova Culinary app, your cooking materials, and are ready to start cookin' like a pro! Here's the steps to perfect your first cook:

  1. Fill your vessel with water and insert your Precision® Cooker Nano
  2. Select your food and check the cooking guide in the app
  3. Set the time and temperature directly on the Precision® Cooker Nano or via the app
  4. Place your food in a ziplock bag or reusable silicone bag
  5. Submerge the bag slighting in the water to allow all the air to evacuate from the bag
  6. When most of the air has evacuated, close up the bag ensuring that the food is submerged completely below the water
  7. When your food is done cooking, remove it from the bag and follow the finishing steps listed on the guide in the app
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