How to remove the oven lamp cover and replace lamp or glass?

Removing the Lamp cover if your Oven has the Lamp on TOP side of the interior of the Oven


Philips head screwdriver is required to remove the oven cover and replace the lamp or glass. 

Important step: Unplug the oven

1. Open the door and locate the lamp cover. Remove the 4 screws that are holding the cover in place. 


2. Remove the lamp cover and screws.


3. Then, remove the glass and gasket.


4. Replace the glass if it’s broken and the light bulb if needed.



5. Take the screwdriver and screw back the lamp cover and gasket. Make sure the cover is squeezing the seal in order to avoid steam entering the lamp enclosure.



Removing the Lamp cover if your Oven has the Lamp on the SIDE of the interior of the Oven

1. Confirm that your Oven is unplugged, then remove the 4 screws.

2. Re-insert then screw in the bottom left screw as marked below.

3. Using a pair of pliers, gently remove the light bulb.

4. Gently insert the replacement bulb by hand.

5. Remove the temporary bottom left screw, reattach the full plate with screws.

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