System Calibration

Your system is pre-calibrated to a scientific primary platinum standard before arrival. This platinum standard is far more accurate than any consumer grade thermometer. If you still want to adjust your temperature read bias please read below.


• Cover your tank, wait 15 minutes and recheck the temperature. Most of the read errors come from evaporative loss or not waiting long enough for complete stabilization.

• It is not appropriate to use an analog thermometer period. Sous vide temperatures should not be approximated

• Make sure you are accurately taking the temperature read – generally you want to put the thermometer tip near the outflow of the circulator. If the thermometer is touching the cooking tank or not in the water you will read an incorrect value and your adjustments will be incorrect.


Shut your device off, then turn it back on. While its booting, tap the top right corner of the boot screen 3 times to adjust the temperature read bias.

If your thermometer reads lower than the system use the minus sign. If your thermometer reads higher than the system use the plus sign. Press Check to accept or X to exit without saving.

Adjustment increments are in 0.1 Celsius 

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    Does this refer to the BT/WF model? If so, is there some sort of indicator on the screen or is it on the app screen? I see nothing indicating where to get to the calibration.

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    Lou Gazzola

    I have the Anova Culinary A2.2-120V-US Sous Vide Precision Cooker Bluetooth, Immersion Circulator, 800 Watts, Black

    Really don't know what the boot screen is. Can you provide a picture? Also, where is the +sign or -sign? Again, a picture would be great.

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