Why is my low water alarm not turning off?

It's possible that there's not enough water in your vessel. The pump generates 'waves' that sometimes cause the water level to dip below the low water sensors. Try adding more water. Note that there are two low water sensors and both must be immersed in the water. 

Please reach out to us if that doesn't work and we'd be happy to help!

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    stacey bradshaw

    This does not work, we have plenty of water.

  • Avatar
    Joshua Correa
    Does not work
  • Avatar
    Jeff Purcell
    Same, doesnt work anymore
  • Avatar
    Michael Morales

    Just got mine today and it's doing the same thing. Alarm sounds every 30 minutes. Water is to the max, I unplugged the unit, still doing the same thing!

  • Avatar
    Kevin Long

    Same here. Will this company survive with this kind off issue. Too many people have this issue. We are not alone.

  • Avatar
    Barry Hall

    Ive got this problem, do I need to return the unit ?

  • Avatar
    Paul Henke

    Doesn't work Anova! Recall??.

  • Avatar
    Richard Walker

    Same issue. Water level at max, Anova just beeps. Disappointing start to Xmas, have a ton of nice steaks to cook today.

  • Avatar
    Trey Summers

    Hi all,

    Please note that you can always drop us a line at support@anovaculinary.com for further assistance if your Anova One is not functioning properly/the low water alarm isn't turning off - we'd be more than happy to help!

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