Where can I buy Anova Products?

Anova products for US residents are available on the following sites:

EU / UK:


  • Amazon
  • Canadian Tire
  • Cook Culture
  • London Drug
  • Nella Cucina
  • Jill's Table
  • Costco.ca
  • Best Buy Canada
  • Walmart Canada
  • The Source
  • Tanguay
  • Air Miles
  • Visions


  • Amazon
  • Kogan
  • My Deal


  • MyDiscount Trading Limited (City Super)
  • A1 Digital
  • Go Meat Company Limited
  • Ideal Digital
  • Super King AV Centre
  • Microworks Online Store
  • Hong Kong Television Network Limited (HKTV Mall)
  • UNI Store
  • One Tech Digital
  • Yoho Hong Kong Limited
  • Panda Sociedade de Gestão de Investimentos Limitada (New Yaohan)
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  • Avatar
    Jaz Koh

    I m based in Singapore. So which a.v. Is compatible for my usage? Australia ?

  • Avatar
    Bill Clark

    Hi Jaz,

    If youre based in Singapore, you would need the 220v UK unit.

    Take care!

  • Avatar
    Chai AuYeung

    How long does it take to ship to LA and NYC?

  • Avatar
    Leannlhee Chu Ang
    If I l'm based in the Philippines, which AV is compatible for my use? EU or UK??? As of the moment, UK plug is out of stock.
  • Avatar
    Kelly Kam Ying Ming

    Hi can I check when UK AV will be back in stock? I've been talking to friends about this awesome product and have been asked to help purchase for them when I get mine. I need 3 pieces!

  • Avatar
    Tibor Hámori


    My question is where and how can a buy a new holder for my Anova because? Because somehow it was broken and really hard to use without this!

    Thanks for the answer!

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