Why's my screen scratched? Was my system used?

We don't send customers used or refurbished systems. However, we get this question a lot. Here's why:

  • The screen's interface has a thin plastic film covering it. This film is easily marked up and difficult to notice the edges. Please remove the film from the device interface when you unpackage the system and you will see a nice shiny display without scratches.
  • We do quality assurance on systems by testing them in water. This can cause "plating" on the water sensor, which some people mistake as rust. It's simply the collection of mineral deposits on the sensor.
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    Denis McIntyre

    My question is, If you do quality assurance on systems then how come the second unit you sent me, soon as I plugged it in and placed it in the water it kept telling me the water was low. (which it was not) then would only beep at me when trying to use it manually.In fairness to Anova, the replacement unit works brilliantly. I am wrapped in this unit..

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