Different Beeping Noises and What They Mean

There are four main reasons for why the device will start to beep: 1. Water level is too low, 2. Timer has reached zero, 3. Starting'stopping your device, 4. Desired temperature has been reached. 

**If you are having any issues with beeping noises that are not one of these four, always check your water level, make sure steam is not getting into the head of your unit, and restart your unit by unplugging it and plugging it back in. And always remember you can contact support@anovaculinary.com for more help. 

1. Your device is beeping because the water level is low

Type of beep: A sudden drawn-out beeping noise that doesn't stop. Check out this video to hear what the low water level beep sounds like.

Reason for beeping: Water level is below the "min" line.

How to stop beeping: Add water until water level is above the "min" line. To ensure this doesn't happen again, make sure you cover your pot or vessel to prevent evaporation, leaving a small hole for steam to escape away from the electrical head of the unit. We recommend simple cling wrap to cover the opening.

If adding more water does not stop the beeping this means that steam may have already gotten into the head of your unit. Try unplugging your cooker, letting it dry out by putting in a bag of rice to help absorb the moisture. The next time you plug it in, it should no longer be beeping. If the problem persists contact support@anovaculinary.com or call (855) 421-8282 and we will make sure you get taken care of! 

2. Your device is beeping because the timer has reached zero

Type of beep: Three short beeps in a row, that repeat. Check out this video to hear an example of this beep.  

Reason for beeping: These beeps indicate that your cooking time has finished. 

How to stop beeping: In order to stop the beeping, Precision Cooker WIFI+Bluetooth owners will be able to stop the beeping via the app. Owners of the Precision Cooker Bluetooth will have to manually stop the timer by pressing the play button. If you want to keep your food warm, after you press the play button to stop the beeping, simply press it again to keep the water circulating and heating. 

If the beeping doesn't stop, try resetting your device by unplugging it and replugging it back in. If this didn’t work then please email support@anovaculinary.com or call (855) 421-8282

3. Your device is beeping because you started or stopped the device

Type of beeping: A set of 3 very quick beeps (starting the device). A single beep (stopping the device). Check out this video for starting beep. Check out this video for stopping beep. 

Reason for beeping: Indicates starting/stopping your device. 

How to stop beeping: The beeping should stop on its own. If you're having an issue with these beeps, or the play button isn't stopping them, email support@anovaculinary.com or call (855) 421-8282


4. Your device is beeping because your device has reached its desired temperature

Type of beeping: Two very short beeps. Check out this video to hear what the temperature reached beep sounds like. 

Reason for beeping: Indicates that the desired temperature has been reached. 

How to stop beeping: This beep should only be momentary, and should go stop on its own. If for any reason it persists, contact support@anovaculiary.com or call (855) 421-8282


If your device makes noises that are different from the beeping noises we shared above check out these other noises.




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