WI-FI Precision Cooker FAQ


When will I receive my device?

  • Your WI-FI device will be processed for shipping immediately. Please allow 1 business day for processing, then add your chosen shipping time.


What can I do with the WI-FI that I can't with Bluetooth?

  • The WI-FI model uses the same internals as the Precision Cooker Bluetooth with one important addition - WI-FI functionality.
  • WI-FI functionality will allow you to cook remotely meaning you can cook from anywhere!
  • The WI-FI unit is 900W and can circulate 5.5 gallons of water, whereas the bluetooth is 800W and can only circulate 5 gallons of water. 

Can I upgrade the firmware on my Bluetooth device to make it WI-FI compatible?

  • The upgrade to WI-FI is a hardware upgrade, not a software upgrade. The Bluetooth device does not have a WI-FI chip.

Does the device shut off when it reaches the desired temperature?

  • The device will continue to run at the desired set temperature until you decide you are ready to turn it off. Also remember Sous Vide allows you to leave your food warming without overcooking, so keep that chicken hot if the rest of your meal isn’t ready yet.

Can I use the device without a phone or tablet?

  • Absolutely - The APC is designed to be used with or without a phone. You can always set the time and temp manually!


Can I cook from anywhere?

  • Yup! This is the most exciting feature of the device! Whether you’re at work, going for a jog or taking a nap, you’ll always be in full control of your cook!

Where can I download the WI-FI App?

  • The iOS WI-FI app is available here.
  • The Android app is available here.

Do I need a network connection to use the WI-FI device with my phone?

  • Yes - You will need a mobile (data) or WI-FI connection on your phone to use the WI-FI device features.

Can I have more than one device connected to my phone?

  • Not at this time.

Do I need to constantly login continually to access my device?

  • No - You will only need to login once to input your WI-FI login information to the app.

How much data does the WI-FI device use on my mobile device?

  • Data transmission is kept to a minimum when the app is running in the background. While the app is active, it uses less than 20 kilobytes per minute.

Do I need to be constantly connected to my WI-FI at home?

  • No - That is the beauty of WI-FI! You can be on mobile data (LTE, 3G, 4G) or on a completely different WI-FI network, and you’ll still be able to control your cook.

Do I need to be constantly connected to any WI-FI?

  • No - You can use the app in tandem with any data connection, whether it be WI-FI or mobile data.

Does the app notify me when there is a cooking error?

  • Yes - You’ll receive notifications for low water level and food safety.

Can I see live, up-to-date temperature and device information from my Precision Cooker WI-FI?

  • Absolutely! As long as you have a data connection on your phone (LTE, 3G, 4G) you can see how your cook is going.

Can I monitor the time/temperature of my device via a web page?

  • No - At this time we do not have a web page to monitor your WI-FI device.

Does the device connect to my home network or do I have to bind it to the device WI-FI?

  • The device connects to your home network via the app - It will guide you through a very simple process.

How do I connect the WI-FI device to my home network?

  • Simply download and install the Anova Precision Cooker WI-FI app and follow the initial setup directions within the app.

Is there an API available for the WI-FI device?

  • Not at this time.

Will my Anova Precision Cooker WI-FI stop if I close the app?

  • No - both the app and the APC WI-FI are designed to continue to operate at the desired/set temperature even if the app is closed.

Is there a delayed start option?

  • Not yet but we plan on adding that feature!


How does the device connect to a secured WI-FI network?

  • The device will connect via the in-app setup method.


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  • Avatar
    TJ Wasik

    This FAQ clearly states that there is a second app "Anova Culinary WI-FI" which is not available anywhere in the google play store. There is also no wifi options in the one "Anova Culinary" app. What's the story? Is there a second app that hasn't been released yet? Why does this faq have the false information that there is a second app? shouldn't it say "coming soon" if the app isn't available? Why wasn't there any communication given to those who pre-ordered that the device wouldn't be fully functional when it arrived?

  • Avatar
    Nikolai Michaleski

    Same issue as TJ. I'm in Canada and I see no Anova Culinary Wifi app in the Apple's app Store.

  • Avatar
    Jacob Wright

    Same issue here, too.

  • Avatar
    Jason Rickard

    4 days after the last commenter and still the same issue.

    My girlfriend ordered this for my birthday in July and was told it would be shipped September 1st. I was happy to wait. On September 1st they sent us an old Bluetooth model and we were told that they thought we just wanted them to wait to ship it for 2 months. Doesn't make sense.

    Meanwhile one of their app development people (Tara V.) contacted me about suggestions I would have for a wifi app. Tara was unconcerned and unresponsive to the issue of the old model being sent to us and the general miscommunication. However, once we got the old model shipped back and everything squared away waiting for the new one she then had plenty of questions and wanted suggestions and ideas. She was very responsive. I sent her two or three emails with a ton of ideas and suggestions and never heard from her again. No follow up. No thank you. No nothing. Then today I open up my new device to find no instructions and no app for this model.

    Granted, the old app with Bluetooth works fine with the new model and the device seems totally functional. It is just disappointing to be an early adopter, deal with service issues, wait an extra two months, and to do everything you can to offer your ideas, only to be shipped something that can't use its main new feature at all. The customer service is very disappointing as well. How about a letter or an email with my new device explaining the situation. Something. :(

  • Avatar
    Ken Hsiung

    Seriously, I see no app for ios or android for the WiFi model. What kind of device comes with zero instructions??? This is extremely frustrating. You.would think this type.of thing would be communicated somewhere but the site pretends like everything is fine and says a ios app is available even!!! Crazy.

  • Avatar
    Half Pass Ten

    My device is not working properly! It alerted me again and again that my water level is low with a very loud sound !!! What is the problem?

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