How do I check and/or change my Oven Firmware Version?

If your oven is continuously connected to WiFi and the Anova Oven app, it will receive firmware updates automatically within seven days of the firmware going live. The updates generally occur in the very early morning, so this requires your oven to be connected overnight.

The following instructions provide a way to check your firmware version and update to a new version. This may be useful in cases where you do not leave your oven connected overnight or want to update your firmware version before it is automatically pushed to your oven. 

Note: If your oven has not updated automatically or fails to update through the app, unplug the oven for 5 minutes and then plug it back in before trying to manually update through the app.

From the app:

Check The Current Firmware Version

1. Open the app and navigate to the More menu

2. Scroll down to the General section and look at the Firmware Version listed.

3. If there is a red dot next to the Firmware Version, this means a newer version is available on the server. Click the Firmware Version menu item if you wish to update the firmware.


Update Firmware Version

On the Firmware Version page, you will see your oven’s current Firmware Version in the header and if there is a more recent version available it will be shown below the image of the oven. To install this version, click the Update Now button.


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