Xfinity Xb7 Router Connectivity Issue For The Anova Oven


We recently made an update to support the compatibility of the XB7 router. If you're having connectivity issues, please make sure you're on the latest firmware. 

To update the newest oven firmware, connect to a hotspot. After connecting to a hotspot proceed with the firmware update, then once the firmware update is complete you should now be able to pair your oven to your Xfinity wifi. 

Follow these steps for a hotspot connection. 

  1. You need two smartphone devices. 

  2. Turn on the hotspot to the first smartphone (Act as a router).

    • Make sure the Anova app is not installed on the first device.

    • The hotspot username and password must have no spaces or special characters.

  3. Install the Anova App to the second smartphone.

  4. Then, follow the connection steps.

Are you still having connectivity issues after updating to the latest firmware? Fill out this form and our technical team will further assist you. 

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