Android 12 and Pixel Pro Connectivity Issues

We are aware of the connectivity issues with android 12 and Pixel Pro devices. Our engineers are working on an optimum solution. 

In the meantime here is how you can connect.

  1. Open the Android Settings app.
  2. Search for "Location" and tap "App location permissions."
  3. Tap "App location permissions."
  4. Find the "Anova" app and tap it.
  5. Change from "Don't Allow" to "Allow only while using the app.

After the above, force close the Sous Vide app.

  1. Open the Sous Vide app and log into your Anova account.
  2. Start the add cooker flow.
  3. On the PIN code screen, background the app. Don't force close the app, just move it to the background.
  4. With the cooker, unplug it from power, wait 10 seconds, and plug it back into power.
  5. Push and hold the button on the cooker to get it into pairing mode with the 4 digit PIN code.
  6. Open the Android Settings app and look for Wi-Fi networks.
  7. Find the "Anova" Wi-Fi network and connect to it manually. The password is the PIN code twice. Example: If the PIN code is "1234" the password is "12341234"
  8. Once connected, wait here for about 10 seconds. Android will issue a notification that warns that the network does NOT have internet access and to confirm if you'd like to stay connected. Tap "Yes" to tell Android to stay connected to this network.
  9. Open the Sous Vide app and enter the PIN code.
  10. Android 12L should now connect, scan for Wi-Fi networks and pair successfully.
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