Precision Cooker 3.0 Pairing Device Troubleshooting


Precision Cooker 3.0

Important Steps Before Pairing 

  • Make sure you have App Version 3.4.2 or higher. To check if you have the latest app version; Launch the Anova app > Profile > Settings > App Version. 
    • You may uninstall/reinstall the app if you’re not on the latest app version.
    • iOS Anova App is here
    • Android Anova App is here
  • You must at least have iOS 11 or newer.
  • You must at least have Android 8.1 or newer.
  • Ensure your smartphone/tablet device is connected to wifi and Bluetooth is enabled.

Pairing Process

1. Under “Connected Devices” click Connect My Anova (or Add Another Cooker if you’ve already connected a different cooker with this account.)


2. On the Connect Your Anova screen, you’ll see Precision Cooker 3.0 and Precision Cooker Nano 3.0. You should wait on this screen to see a New Precision Cooker found pop-up that.


If you don’t see the above pop-up, select the device you have and tap Connect.


3. Then Activate The Pairing Mode. Hold down the timer and minus button until you see a 4-digit code. The 4-digit code should be exactly the same as the code on the cooker and on the app. Once you see the code is exactly the same. Press any button on the cooker.



4. Tap on your Wifi Name, then tap Continue. It will take you to the screen Use save password? You may click continue if you want to use the saved wifi password or enter the wifi password manually.



5. You should now see a connectivity screen. Your precision cooker should be connected within 1-2 minutes.

  • If you see the WiFi icon blinking on the device, this means it should be broadcasting Bluetooth. If not, you will need to perform a Factory Reset (see instructions below) to clear credentials. 
  • If the WiFi is blinking but you do not see the pop-up immediately, try the following:
    • Make sure you have the latest App version (must be 3.4.2 or higher)
    • Make sure your device has Bluetooth enabled and allows the app permission to use Bluetooth.
    • Force quit the app, unplug, and try again. Open the app and go to the Connect your Anova screen before you plug the device back in.

If none of the above work, try the Factory Reset.

Factory Reset

If you need to pair your device to the app and it has previously been paired, you will need to clear the credentials from your device so that it will broadcast on Bluetooth.

1. If you have previously paired this device with your app, be sure to remove the device by choosing Disconnect my Anova from the Settings screen while the device is selected.

2. With the device powered on, touch and hold the timer and —  buttons together for 10 seconds.


3. You will hear a successful tone and the display will rest to all 8s. Then the device itself will reset.

4. Unplug the device before attempting to pair again.

WiFi Connection

Your WI-FI network must be a WPA/WPA2 network (captive portals, enterprise, and WEP networks won't work).

If your network is not WPA/WPA2, you need to enable these on your router. Please consult your router documentation for more information on how to change your security protocol.

  • This device DOES work on 5GHz WiFi networks


You must have a network password (open networks won't work)

  • If you need to change your password, please consult your router documentation for more information on how to make this update.


  • If you have an Android device, please ensure you have Location Services enabled or you will NOT be able to connect to WiFi. The app will prompt for these permissions, but if you decline you will need to go into the Android Settings app and enable these permissions for the Sous Vide app. You can find out more info from Google here

If your network is not listed:

  • Wait for a minute and Refresh a few times. 
  • If still not listed, use the Enter Network Manually link at the bottom of the screen to enter your network name and credentials manually.

If you entered your WiFi network but never got to the Connected! Screen:

  • Force quit app
  • Use Factory Reset on the device to clear the credentials
  • Try pairing flow again
  • If the device does not connect within three tries, there may be an issue with the credentials on the device. Collect the following information and report to Customer Support at
    • Device Type (Nano 3.0 or Precision Cooker 3.0)
    • Device Serial Number, located on the handle (ex:AN500–XX-XXX)

If you cannot Enter Network Manually because the text is overlapping the button bar


  • Go to the Accessibility settings on your phone and reduce the Font size 
  • Complete the pairing flow with the smaller font size
  • You may return your phone to the larger font size, but note that the app does not currently support larger fonts and may have additional formatting issues that impede interaction. Using a tablet with a larger screen may help.


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