Oven Fill Error

If you’re seeing the Fill Error notification in the app or on the oven handle come up every now and then, please follow the instructions below. 

  1. Make sure the tank is well seated. Remove the tank and put the tank back. Push the tank down, putting a little pressure. The tank should be securely assembled.
  2. Fill up the tank with water above the minimum line (Please make sure the tank is at least halfway filled). Then hold the fill light icon, until it disappears. 
  3. Check your firmware version is updated. Launch the Oven App > More > General > Firmware version.

Additional troubleshooting steps, if the fill error doesn't disappear. 

  1. Fill the tank at least half full or a bit more and make sure that it's seated well on the oven.
  2. With the oven NOT running, press the fill icon to clear the notification. 
  3. Set the Oven App to the following settings: 
  • Sous Vide Mode: Off 
  • Cooking Temperature: 212F 
  • Steam: 100%

Water Tank Cover Installation

The water tank cover fits over the front of the water tank and clips into the finger grips for a secure, tight fit providing a barrier between the steam venting and your water tank.

⊲ Sit the water tank on the tank base but do not push it back into the locked position.

⊲ Pickup the tank base cover. With the long edge to the left (door side) push the cover onto the front of the water tank. NOTE: The tank cover will need to flex open to clip into place correctly.

⊲ Once the tank cover is on, slide your water tank with the tank cover back into the locked position.



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