How do I disassemble/reassemble my Anova Precision® Cooker Pro?

In the event that you need to clean your Precision® Cooker Pro, just follow these easy steps to remove the stainless steel skirt and the end cap. Both the skirt and the end cap are dishwasher safe, so just throw them in with your dishes if you are short on time!

Remember to be gentle when disassembling and reassembling your cooker.


  1. Unplug your cooker.
  2. Loosen the adjustable clamp by twisting the knob on the side counterclockwise. Once loose, remove by sliding the clamp down until its free of the steel skirt.
  3. Ensure the steel skirt is dry then firmly place one hand under the display screen and the other hand in the middle of the steel skirt. With a little force,  simply hold the top half steady and rotate the steel skirt clockwise until the skirt clicks out.
  4. Once you hear the click, gently pull down to separate the steel skirt from the upper display. Make sure you don’t hit the impellers against the steel skirt.
  5. Carefully lay the head of the device down on a soft surface, making sure not to jostle the impeller.
  6. Once the steel skirt is free, feel free to pop it in the dishwasher or wash by hand.


After the steel skirt is clean, you can easily reassemble your cooker using these simple steps. 

  1. Hold the display screen portion with one hand with the impellers pointing down to the ground. Then, carefully slide the steel skirt over the impeller and the heating circulator. Be sure to line the dots on the skirt up with the grooves on the display screen portion. Don’t jam it shut as this may damage the impeller. Then carefully guide the impellers to go straight through the bottom of the steel skirt.
  2. Once you have steel skirt over the impellers and in the grooves, you’ll need to rotate the bottom steel skirt counterclockwise until it clicks into place or until you can’t twist it any tighter.
  3. Once you hear a click, the steel skirt is locked in place. Attach the clamp by sliding it up and over the steel skirt. Tighten by twisting the knob on the side clockwise.
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