Where do I recycle?

After you get done making the best meal ever, you can do your part by recycling the material that you used.

How to Recycle Plastic Bags

Did you know that Ziploc® brand bags are recyclable alongside things like grocery bags, produce bags, bread bags, food storage bags, dry cleaning bags, and plastic packaging wraps? Certain locations, like recycling centers and retail stores (check out Target and Whole Foods) have set up drop-offs for plastic bag recycling.You can find a location near you by visiting https://www.plasticfilmrecycling.org/recycling-bags-and-wraps/find-drop-off-location/

Simply pop your bags in the dishwasher post cook and make sure the bags are empty, clean, and dry before drop off.

Side note: there are a few types of plastic film that shouldn’t go in your recycling bin or be dropped off at these plastic film collection points, such as:

  • Frozen food bags
  • Pre-washed salad mix bags
  • Compostable or degradable plastic bags or films
  • Cellophane
  • Cling wrap

Why it Matters

The process of recycling uses much less energy than manufacturing with brand new raw materials. Recycling conserves energy and natural resources, reduces pollution, and helps prevent landfills from filling up. The majority of recycled plastic are turned into things like fences, benches, decks, door and window frames, crates, buckets, pallets and new packaging and bags.

Want to Skip the Plastic?

The Stasher Bag is a reusable and responsible bag made from 100% pure platinum food grade silicone. With the use of silicone, there are no harmful byproducts or chemicals. Find out more here: https://anovaculinary.com/sous-vide-accessories/reusable-silicone-bags/

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