Troubleshooting WI-FI connectivity on your Anova Precision Oven

  • Can't start the pairing process. Entered in the PIN, but won't connect
    • If iOS 14, turn off bluetooth and reboot the phone. Try pairing again.
    • If iOS 14, confirm local network access is enabled for the Anova Oven app under the Settings app->Privacy->Local Network.
    • Verify Wi-Fi is turned on the mobile device.
  • Entered PIN code, but I don't see my WiFi network.
    • Tap the "Refresh" button to scan agan.
    • The WiFi network must be a 2.4GHz network with a broadcast SSID. "Hidden" networks will not appear.
    • Bring the router closer to the oven to improve signal strength.
    • Select the option to enter your network manually and enter your 2.4GHz network name and password.
  • The oven appeared to connect to my WiFi network, but the app is stuck waiting to connect.
    • Power cycle the oven for 30 seconds.
    • Force-close the app and restart the pairing flow.
  • Unable to complete the initial OTA update.
    • Remove power from the oven and wait 60 seconds. Reapply power. Try the OTA again from the app Settings.
    • Bring the router closer to the oven to improve signal strength.
    • The oven will auto-update overnight if connected to WiFi, let the oven update over night and check again in the morning.
  • The app says the oven is disconnected, but the oven is powered on.
    • Remove power from the oven, wait 60 seconds, and plug it back in again.
    • Wait 60 seconds and open the Anova app.
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