Oven Firmware Changelog


  • Fill light / empty tank detection logic updated for 120v ovens.
  • Fixes an issue where the app would show "Descale Required" still after descaling the oven.
  • In a multi-stage cook, pressing the "blue" play button on the oven will advance the oven to the next cooking stage and play a confirmation sound.


  • Manual cook oven handle updates synced with app.
  • Fixed changing between probe and timer via the oven handle resets the timer.
  • Improvements to the boiler/Fill light detection for 240v ovens.
  • Fixed Oven handle starts timer after preheat.
  • Fixed issue after running descale, no heating elements selected for the next cook.
  • Fixed Oven reboots mid-cook. Often under longer Sous Vide style with probe.
  • Support for setting a lamp on/off preference exposed as an option in the Oven app.


  • Fixed an issue with  invalid sensor values impacting a small number of ovens.


  • Oven displays minutes and seconds when the timer is under 1 hour.
  • Improved low-temperature stability for proofing
  • Reduced flicker of oven light when Top + Rear heaters are selected
  • When starting a Sous Vide Mode cook from the App with the fan set to Off, the fan will run during preheating.
  • Improved Wi-Fi pairing and connection reliability.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
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