Oven Firmware Changelog


  • Added resiliency to connection with server
  • No user facing feature changes


  • Safety feature: master relay is turned off when the oven is idle, ensuring none of the cooking elements can receive power when the oven is not active.
  • Cook can no longer be started via the app when handle shows error due to a broken NTC
  • Fix for memory overruns when sending very large recipes from app


  • Fixes constant speaker buzz in older 240v ovens
  • Improvements to the IoT connection code


  • Fix to prevent the Oven from stopping/rebooting in the middle of a cook.
  • Fix to harden the IoT network code to reduce disconnect frequency and improve connection success.


  • Prevents rollback to FW versions lower than 2.0.11 when using Factory Reset
  • Fix for bad handling of corrupt files during boot
  • Fixed issue where oven stops cooking after opening door while temperature is at 482F / 250C.
  • “I 9” error message now replaced by correct “408 Needs Service” message


  • Connects to Anova's new cloud infrastructure
  • Requires App version 1.1.1. or higher


Fixes in this release:
  • Reduction in periods of peak power draw that might cause some heavily loaded circuits to trip.
Notes: If you encounter an error while attempting to update through the app, the remedy is to unplug the oven for 5 minutes, plug it back in, and try again.


  • This release rolls back the changes from 1.4.18 that caused the oven to occasionally stop during a cook.


  • This release fixes an issue that prevented some ovens from completing the firmware update process reliably.

  • Fixes an issue in newer ovens where the temperature unit reverts from C to F after unplugging.


  • This release supports new oven handle components. It does not contain feature improvements or other bug fixes.
  • If you're having issues updating to the latest firmware, please unplug your oven for 5 minutes, plug it back, then update the firmware.


  • Changing stage properties on the app after a cook has started no longer creates an error.
  • Holding the start/stop button does not immediately initiate a Stop request after starting a cook unless it’s held at least 5 seconds (up from 1 second).
  • Improved stability
  • The temperature display no longer reverts to F after reboot.


What's New:
  • Major improvements in connectivity and app pairing through WiFi.
  • Oven now remembers the last five temperature settings when set from the handle and will pause on these temperatures when pressing and holding the up/down temp buttons on the oven handle.
Bug Fixes:
  • Oven no longer crashes during a firmware update.
  • Oven handle no longer reports a slightly different temperature than the app when displaying Fahrenheit (rounding error).
  • UI no longer locks up or stops playing all sounds when adjusting cook settings on the handle.
  • Light no longer flickers after ending a cook.
  • Adding timer from oven handle no longer affects the fan setting.
  • During a connected cook, the play button now stays blue, even after manually advancing the stage.


New Features:
  • The back of the handle sensors are disabled. What this means is that you can rest your hand fully on the handle to make adjustments to time, temp, and steam settings without causing the handle to be unresponsive due to hand placement.
  • At the end of your cook with a timer or probe setpoint, the oven will now repeat the "finished" sound 5 times to alert you that the cook has completed.
  • After finishing a cook, the oven handle lights will go into standby after 5 minutes instead of 20 minutes.
  • If the steam is at one of the extremes (0 or 100%), tapping + or - at the extreme end of the steam setting will loop back around. Example: pressing - when at 0% will loop to 100%.
  • If the temp is at one of the extremes, tapping + or - at the extreme end of the temp will loop back around.
  • Temperatures under 212F/100C will increment/decrement at 0.5 degrees F or 0.1 C.
  • Changes to the temperature and timer press and hold behavior with the intent to help you arrive at your desired temp or time with more accuracy.
  • Button presses on the oven handle are more responsive.
  • When performing a manual cook from the oven handle, the oven will chime when the pre-heat target is reached. If you adjust the setpoint target to another, higher, setpoint, the oven will chime again once preheated to the new setpoint.
Bug Fixes:
  • Changing the heating element during a cook from the oven handle will now properly be reflected in the app's oven tab.
  • The heating element icons on the oven handle will light back up after running descale instead of remaining off/dark.
  • Starting a manual cook from the app with Sous Vide mode on, no steam, any element selected except for convection now supports fan off.
  • Other internal bug fixes and improvements to over-the-air update capability and diagnostic reporting.
  • Internal error checking to verify heating elements operations.
  • While the oven door is open, the light may turn off due to being unplugged or briefly at the end of a cook; however, the light now turns back on if the door is open and the oven is plugged in.
  • If an error is detected, the error presented on the UI is now shown as "NEED SERVICE" followed by the error code. These two messages will cycle until the oven is unplugged.
  • Oven now checks for FW update at next nightly update window after being powered off for more than 7 days.
  • Timing on firmware auto-update has been adjusted to happen between 1-4am local time.


  • Fill light / empty tank detection logic updated for 120v ovens.
  • Fixes an issue where the app would show "Descale Required" still after descaling the oven.
  • In a multi-stage cook, pressing the "blue" play button on the oven will advance the oven to the next cooking stage and play a confirmation sound.


  • Manual cook oven handle updates synced with app.
  • Fixed changing between probe and timer via the oven handle resets the timer.
  • Improvements to the boiler/Fill light detection for 240v ovens.
  • Fixed Oven handle starts timer after preheat.
  • Fixed issue after running descale, no heating elements selected for the next cook.
  • Fixed Oven reboots mid-cook. Often under longer Sous Vide style with probe.
  • Support for setting a lamp on/off preference exposed as an option in the Oven app.


  • Fixed an issue with  invalid sensor values impacting a small number of ovens.


  • Oven displays minutes and seconds when the timer is under 1 hour.
  • Improved low-temperature stability for proofing
  • Reduced flicker of oven light when Top + Rear heaters are selected
  • When starting a Sous Vide Mode cook from the App with the fan set to Off, the fan will run during preheating.
  • Improved Wi-Fi pairing and connection reliability.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements
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