FAQ for Australian Anova Precision Oven Plug type

Q: Is my Anova Precision Oven (Australian version) configured for 15A of power or 10A?

  • Your oven is 10 Amps - the correct amount of power specified for the electrical requirements of the Oven. Unfortunately, the first shipment of Anova Precision Ovens to Australia were equipped with a 15A cord.

Q: How do I make my Oven cord fit into my wall socket?

  • If your wall socket is a 10A socket, you’ll simply need a 15A plug to 10A plug adapter. Anova will be supplying this free of charge. The adapter plugs are en-route to the Australian warehouse, and pending warehouse reception, we're expecting them to start shipping the week of April 12th.
    • Please fill out this form here to receive your free adapter or choose alternative options of repair for your Australian Anova Precision Oven.
    • If you decide to use your own adapter and have questions on functionality, please send us an email to support@anovaculinary.com and we’ll help you out.
    • We’ll also refund you up to $15 AUD off your original order if you decide to use an alternative Anova approved adapter.
    • Using an Anova approved adapter will not void your warranty.
    • Please note the adapter is not suitable for other 15A devices you may want to plug into a 10A socket.


Q: What is a Plug Adapter?

  • A plug adapter simply modifies the SHAPE of your plug to match your wall socket.
  • This does not change the power regulation.  You will be plugging a 10A product into a 10A socket, just like normal, by simply using an extra piece to allow it to fit.
    • Note: This is common when you travel to an area with different shape plugs, but they still use your home country’s same power levels (watts/amps).  


Q: Do I need a power converter for my Oven?

  • No you do not need a power converter. The Anova Precision Oven (Australian version) is internally specified and configured to run on 10amps of power, and a power converter will not change this.


Q: What is a Power Converter?

  • A power converter is used when you have a product that needs a different level of power than your home plug is using (home plug is 10A, but your appliance pulls 15A)
  • The converter takes the power from your home and safely converts it down or up to the power your appliance needs, so your appliance will not be harmed.  However;
  • As stated above, your Oven only requires the 10A, so you don’t need to worry about power conversion
  • Your problem is that you simply cannot physically fit your plug into your wall socket,so all you need is a simple adapter.

SUMMARY:  Your Oven is 10A, your wall socket is 10A, but your Oven’s plug is 15A….and just needs to change shape to fit your home’s 10A socket. We can achieve this by a low cost and easy to install adapter.


Q: What if I don’t want an adapter and would like my Oven to be a 10A plug?

  • No problem! We’ll cover you there as well. Our current timeline for the factory to complete 10A plugs for Australia Precision Ovens and have them ready to ship in the warehouse is Mid-may 2021. Please fill out the form here for this option.
  • As soon as inventory is available, we can issue you a return waybill and ship your 10A oven to you.


Q: Can I get a refund and send my Oven back?

Q: Can I get a local electrician to swap out my plug from 15A to 10A?

  • We do not recommend any non-Anova approved modifications to your Anova Precision Oven.


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