What is Sous Vide Mode?

Sous vide Mode is an innovative method of cooking with the Anova Precision® Oven. It enables you to cook foods similar to traditional sous vide, where your food gently reaches precise, edge-to-edge doneness, without overcooking. You can use the same cooking times and temperatures you’re used to from sous vide, but with the added benefit of no longer needing to seal your food or fill a tub of water.


When Sous Vide Mode is on, the Oven continuously measures the temperature your food experiences using the state-of- the-art wet bulb sensor. This sensor measures the temperature of water evaporation throughout your cook, and the Oven regulates that temperature so that your food never cooks past your setting. Just as in sous vide, foods will not brown or crisp using Sous Vide Mode. In order to finish your food with searing, browning, or a crispy texture, add a separate Cooking Stage with high heat and Sous Vide Mode turned off. You can program Cooking Stages for your recipe in the Anova Precision® Oven App, or manually input new settings on the Display.


For more information: https://anovaculinary.com/what-is-a-combi-oven/sous-vide-mode/

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