Why am I not receiving a push notification on my smartphone/tablet device?

If you're unable to receive push notifications when the cooking time is up, ensure your smartphone/tablet device is connected to a 2.4 ghz wifi network and your firmware is updated for your cooker. 

Check your smartphone/tablet device notification is enabled and do not disturb setting is toggled off. 

Here are some steps to help you with troubleshooting.

  1. Uninstall and reinstall the app. 

  2. Toggle ON the wifi settings to your smartphone/tablet device and connect to 2.4 GHZ wifi. (Ensure your wifi name and password have no spaces and special characters) 

  3. Turn ON the Bluetooth on your smartphone/tablet device.

  4. Plug the Precision Cooker into a wall power outlet, approximately 5 ft from your wifi router

  5. Open the Anova App, tap Connect and select the correct model

  6. Press and hold the target button for 5 seconds. A 4 digit code will appear.

  7. Manually enter the 4 digit code to the Anova app.

Note: The device will be connected within 3 minutes after the 4 digit code is entered.

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