My device is making noises - what do they mean?

From time to time, your cooker may make a noise that sounds unfamiliar:


A slight humming noise is normal. When operating your cooker, the system will produce a humming sound due to the motor, impeller, and cooling fan in operation, but it shouldn’t be bothersome or too loud. Please send us a message if it's noticeably louder.


There are two possible causes for this:

  1. A grinding noise is caused when the stainless steel skirt is loose. To fix this just push the stainless skirt up into the guide groove and turn to the right until you hear a click. With the skirt secure, the noise will go away.
  2. If that didn’t fix it, the grinding noise might also be due to a slightly bent stirring shaft. If this is the case, unscrew the clear plastic end cap on the bottom of the device and gently push the impeller until it is centered.

Note to fix a grinding noise you will have to remove the stainless steel skirt. Check out a video on how to do this here.


Your pump has formed a water vortex like the one you hear  when you are emptying out a bathroom sink or tub. Simply add more water or gently disturb water with a spoon. There is no sure way to eliminate a vortex from forming due to the pump rotation but usually will go away on its own.


If you are hearing a gurgling or whooshing noise then the water level in the tank is too low, causing the pump to suck air. You may also see small bubbles in your tank. Add more water and make sure the water level meets or exceeds the minimum fill line on the pump each time you operate the Precision® Cooker.

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    Roland Krueger

    I unplugged it immediately and straightened the impeller shaft. I plugged it back in and the impeller isn't spinning. The heater is working but no circulation.

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    Nicolas Bussière

    Very useful page with videos and sounds !!

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