Advanced settings and advanced configurations

  • Enterprise authentication is not supported. The cooker can't join any WI-FI networks that require both a username and password.
  • WPA2PSK and WPAPSK authentication with AES or TKIP encryption are the recommended WI-FI network configurations.
  • WEP is supported, but not recommended.
  • Make sure your router is visible (visible SSID) in your settings.
  • AP Isolation - If you have this setting enabled in your router settings or WI-FI extender, you will need to have this option disabled in order to connect your Anova Precision® Cooker WI-FI. This may also be known as 'Client Isolation' or 'Guest Mode' on your router. Please refer to your router documentation to learn how to disable AP isolation.
  • If you do not have access to your router settings, or if you are attempting to connect through a guest, hotel or public network with AP/client isolation, you will be unable to set up your Anova Precision® Cooker WI-FI.
  • If you're looking for the MAC address of your device, please view the article here.
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